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Same Day Courier

Mailee Express are specialists in providing nationwide sameday courier services. Our wide range of courier vehicles gives the flexibility to transport all sizes of freight from an envelope to oversize pallets and crates and meeting any urgent deadlines at a drop of a hat. We have a huge network of sameday couriers meaning we can collect at short notice and within 60mins from mainland UK and deliver to anywhere in the UK and Europe and our same day service takes it straight there in the quickest time possible.

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The advantage of better price, efficiency and speed.

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Fast & Reliable service

We fully understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering a reliable service. We don't just carry pallets and parcels, we move a variety of cargo including time critical consignments, fragile, valuable or important goods as well as odd shaped items.

We've been doing this for many years and take the utmost pride in delivering a fast and reliable service second to none. Our couriers are highly experienced and trained in sameday deliveries and we have thousands of vans available across the UK. So, if you need a sameday courier in Leeds, a sameday courier in Bristol, or a sameday courier in Southampton or Sheffield or anywhere else, we are the ones to call.

On-Demand Same Day Courier

We often supply our services when time is an issue and due to this we accomodate last minute bookings. Without tying our clients up in contracts we really are here for you as and when you need us and all at reasonable rates.

Having been one of the leading service providers to the nations foremost same day courier network for over 15 years, you can now book direct with Mailee Express for a great service at the best price.

Courier Vehicles

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Just let us know your requirements and we will provide the correct vehicle. We are insured for goods in transit (CMR) and vehicles have the correct courier insurance (Hire and Reward).

Some of our clients use our services alongside their own in-house transport. This can be very handy when fulfilling a sudden increase in orders while short of their own vehicles or maybe just when it's an odd consignment that needs to be sent out separately. For this reason we supply a range of different size vehicles to accomodate different needs.

fleet of courier vehicles

(1 pallet space)

Length: 1.4m
Width: 1m
Height: 1.2m
Carry up to 400kg

Prices from £40 + VAT

(2 pallet space)

Length: 2.4m
Width: 1.5m
Height: 1.4m
Carry up to 800kg

Prices from £45 + VAT

(3 pallet space)

Length: 3.4m
Width: 1.7m
Height: 1.7m
Carry up to 1200kg

Prices from £50 + VAT

(4 pallet space)

Length: 4.2m
Width: 1.7m
Height: 1.8m
Carry up to 1200kg

Prices from £55 + VAT

(6 pallet space)

Length: 4m
Width: 2m
Height: 2m
Carry up to 900kg

Prices from £90 + VAT

Panel Vans

Transits and Sprinter Vans, these are fast and secure and ideal for smaller loads and fragile items.
We can provide you with small, medium, large and extra large vans that will carry up to 1200kgs.

Large Volume Vans

Large volume vans, also called Luton vans. These are the largest vehicles that operate ouside HGV rules and so can be used for express deliveries of larger loads while also keeping the delivery cost low in relation to the volume of goods carried. Typically 6 standard pallets (120x100cm) or 7 euro pallets (100x80cm). Payloads for these vehicles vary greatly but typically they will carry between 750-900kgs.

Curtainsiders & Hardsiders

The large vehicles have different loading options.

The side loading curtainsides offer much greater ease for loading wide pallets, crates or machinery due to the load apertures typically being 3.5-4 meters.

Hard-siders are ideal for high value freight or loading and securing a variety of goods to be strapped to the internal sides of the vehicle.

Luton curtain-side with tail-lift

Tail- lifts

When forklift trucks can't be used or loading/unloading is a particular problem, we can provide the solution to make these jobs possible by supplying vehicles fitted with tail-lifts and hand operated pallet trucks.

Larger vehicles on request

UK & European Couriers

Direct transport routes throughout Europe

Alongside our UK courier service, we provide reliable and secure European courier service covering most major cities from Cadiz in Spain to Umea in Sweden and even as far as Greece. By collecting on dedicated vehicles and running directly to Europe we offer an ideal service for transporting exhibition goods or high value and important goods or when it’s crucial that the delivery is made safely and on time.

Customs Brokerage Service

We can file the following customs paperwork directly on your behalf;
  • Goods for Import or Export
  • Customs Declarations
  • Safety and Security Certificates
  • Licences and Permits

Since the UK left the EU, selling and sending goods internationally (export) and buying and receiving them (import) can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially if you're not familiar with it. So, with good working knowledge of the 3 volumes of the UK Trade Tariff, we now offer a customs intermediary service to help UK exporters and importers to declare and move goods internationally.

  • Computer link with customs (CHIEF)
  • Knowledge of customs rules
  • Experience dealing with customs

Lessen delays at Customs

European transport routes

For time critical deliveries to Europe
Use Mailee Express

  • We can collect throughout the UK for delivery to Europe

  • We can collect throughout Europe for delivery to the UK

  • We can collect and deliver directly within Europe