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Working as a same day courier has taken me to many beautiful destinations.
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A Scenic Journey from Whaley Bridge to Bakewell

09 August, 2023

Bakewell Derbyshire


Embark on a picturesque day trip along the A6, a historic route that winds through the beautiful English countryside, from the charming town of Whaley Bridge to the delightful market town of Bakewell. Along this scenic journey, you'll encounter breathtaking landscapes, quaint villages, and captivating attractions that make this part of Derbyshire a perfect destination for exploration.

Whaley Bridge

Begin your adventure in Whaley Bridge, a picturesque town nestled in the High Peak district. Admire the charming canal basin and take a leisurely stroll along the towpath of the Peak Forest Canal. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the enchanting Combs Reservoir or explore the surrounding countryside with its stunning views of the Peak District National Park.


As you journey along the A6, your next stop is Chapel-en-le-Frith, a historic market town known for its fascinating architecture. Explore the elegant 18th-century Town Hall, wander through the cobbled streets, and visit St. Thomas Becket Church, which boasts a remarkable array of medieval and Victorian stained glass.

Dove Holes

Continuing along the A6, you'll pass through the village of Dove Holes. Although small, it offers a glimpse into the area's industrial past, with a history of quarrying and limekilns. The nearby Peak Forest Canal is a tranquil spot for a peaceful stroll or a picnic amid picturesque surroundings.


Next on your journey, you'll reach the town of Buxton, famous for its natural mineral springs and elegant Georgian architecture. Visit the stunning Buxton Crescent, a Grade I listed building recently restored to its former glory. Don't miss the impressive Buxton Opera House, which hosts a variety of performances throughout the year. For a taste of local culture, explore the Pavilion Gardens, a beautiful park that often hosts fairs, markets, and events.


From Buxton, continue along the A6 to the village of Taddington, situated atop a limestone plateau with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Take a walk along the Taddington Moor and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Peak District's rolling hills.

Buxton Peak District

Peak Distict Buxton

Pavilion Gardens

Pavilion Gardens

Sheepwash Bridge

Sheepwash Bridge


Further south along the A6, you'll arrive in Ashford-in-the-Water, a quintessential English village renowned for its idyllic setting along the River Wye. Admire the ancient Sheepwash Bridge, and take a stroll along the riverbank to enjoy the peaceful ambiance. For history enthusiasts, a visit to the medieval Holy Trinity Church is a must.


As you near your final destination, the town of Bakewell awaits you. Famous for its mouthwatering Bakewell Tart, this charming market town offers a delightful blend of history and charm. Explore the historic streets, browse the independent shops, and sample the local delicacies at the traditional market. Don't miss the chance to visit the enchanting Chatsworth House, a magnificent stately home surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland.

Follow the A6

As you journey along the A6, these additional stops offer a mix of natural beauty, historic sites, and charming villages, allowing you to further immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes and rich history of the Derbyshire countryside.

Here is a list of additional places along the A6 that are worth a stop:

  • New Mills: Located just south of Whaley Bridge, New Mills is a charming town nestled in the heart of the Peak District. Explore the Torrs Riverside Park, where you can stroll along a network of dramatic millstone grit gorges and enjoy stunning views. Don't miss the impressive Millennium Walkway that hangs above the River Goyt, offering a unique perspective of the landscape.

  • Chapel Milton: This small village is home to the stunning Eccles Pike viewpoint, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. A short hike to the summit rewards you with breathtaking vistas, making it a perfect stop for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

  • Matlock: As you continue your journey south, consider a detour to Matlock, a charming spa town nestled in the Derbyshire Dales. Explore Matlock Bath, a picturesque village known for its riverside walks, charming cafes, and unique attractions like the Heights of Abraham cable car ride, which offers stunning views of the area.

  • Cromford: Just a short drive from Matlock, Cromford is a historic village that played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution. Visit Cromford Mills, the world's first successful water-powered cotton spinning mill, and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Derwent Valley Mills.

  • Ambergate: This village is home to the beautiful Ambergate Reservoir and its scenic surroundings. Enjoy a peaceful walk along the reservoir's edge and take in the tranquil beauty of the area.

  • Belper: Another historic mill town along the A6, Belper is known for its well-preserved industrial heritage. Explore the Strutt's North Mill, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover the town's unique architecture and charming atmosphere.

  • Duffield: Just north of Derby, Duffield is a picturesque village with a medieval bridge spanning the River Derwent. Enjoy a stroll along the riverbank or explore the village's historic streets and traditional buildings.

  • Little Eaton: This small village is home to the historic Little Eaton Windmill, a well-preserved 18th-century flour mill that offers guided tours and insights into the area's milling history.

  • Darley Abbey: A suburb of Derby, Darley Abbey boasts beautiful Georgian architecture and serene surroundings. Explore the remains of Darley Abbey Mills, which played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution.

  • Allestree: Enjoy a leisurely walk or picnic at Allestree Park, a large public park with a serene lake, woodland trails, and open spaces.

Whaley Bridge to Bakewell on A6